College Safety Tips for Women (& Men)

August 10, 2017


As we approach another school year, please take some time to read and empower yourself and your children! As women we should always assume that we could be a potential target. This should not cause us to live in fear, but more to give us awareness and to help us prepare ourselves for anything!

Below are a few tips for college-aged women and their families to consider when heading off to school!

-Aware and cautious roommates will be your greatest defense! Have a safety discussion right away and ensure all roommates are closing and locking doors and windows at all times.
-College kids are a huge predatory target, as they are often considered careless or think they may be invincible. Be aware that anyone can be a target and always keep an eye on your surroundings. If someone were to come within 100 feet of you, you will know if you are looking around and therefore, they cannot sneak up on you.
-Dorm/apartment alarms: older dorms and apartments can easily be broken into. Use an under the door and/or window alarms as a back-up and deterrent to potential intruders .
-Window air conditioners are also an easy target because they can be easily removed and broken into. This would be another good place for an alarm.
-Carry self-defense items (stun gun, pepper spray, striking tool, alarm). Anything that will help give you a chance to fight back and get away . The purpose of a self-defense tool is not to over power the attacker, but simply to render them weak enough for you to get away.
-When alone, avoid isolated stairways, basements, or laundry rooms.
-Make sure you know who is trying to enter you home or dorm room before letting anyone in. Keeping in mind that if you open the door, someone can easily force their way in.
-Trust your instincts! If you feel uncomfortable or uneasy in any situation, get away from it as quickly as possible.
-Walk with confidence and make eye contact. You become a much more difficult target if you are aware and can identify an attacker because you've looked at their face.
-If ever attacked, get down on the ground, kick scream and make a scene. Noisy victims who fight back are not ideal to an attacker and will likely deter them.
-Learn self-defense!! Self-defense classes are available all over the world. Find one in your area and learn to protect yourself.

Be safe and let's keep an eye out for one another!"

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